Auckland NZ Intensive. Cerulean & Choppy Chops


Sunday September 4 ’16

The weather looked inclement. Would it stay fine for our Intensive? As it turned out yes. Right till 2.45 and time for us to get back to the Studio and then – rain. Great timing. Thanks to whoever was in charge.   What a great group of enthusiastic sketchers who gave up Father’s Day or family time to come along and play with sketches and colour all day.

This is me. Erin. Moving around again but very keen to meet Tony’s Devonport sketch people.   Everyone was very there to try simple techniques for water, the sea, beaches, wet sand and more.   To get loose after introductions let’s try a quick ‘sketch with the other hand’. Always a lot of laughs. Get your sketch kit out and sketch it. Wibbly wobbly and no control. Perfect. A good feeling being loose.

We’d be doing something fun when we went out later so now let’s toss some watercolour over an A3 sheet. Any colours you like. Empty your left over paint over it and let it spatter. Leave to dry while we move on.   Let’s talk composition and thumbnails. Let’s do the hard bit before we begin our actual sketches. What’s the focus. Where do want your eye to go. Look for your big shapes. Indicate where they’ll go. Decide which one is working. There’s your decision making done. Begin your sketch.

Time to try some water and sea techniques before we go out.  We do some loose lines based on a demo.   Using cerulean we put the paint down in big strokes with our watercolours. Let me show you where. Looking good. Now those little choppy chops which say ‘this is water’. Always works. While still damp run some purple lake over some if it. Tip it up. Let it run. Watch it bloom. Yummy.

Down at the wharf we decided on our view. Get the big shapes in as always. The wall. Curve of the beach foreshore. Line of trees. Houses and trees beyond.   Black pen sketch on mad colours. Toss some watercolour pencil over it and let it be whatever it wants. Wow. So lovely. Sketches1

Lunch. Let’s go. 5 Loaves cafe was just terrific with its big table for our big group. We talked and laughed, ate and recharged the batteries. Sketches got looked at and a good time to ask any questions at all.

Last sketch was at the top of a hill looking down to Cheltenham Beach.

What’s your focus going to be. Work it out in thumbnails. Get your big shapes worked out and get cracking. Weather looking threatening.

Anyone need help? Ok. Houses? Indicate the shapes of a few to show their style. Then a few simple roof tops in behind. Don’t need every one. You can see they’re houses.

In with the colours. Drop one over the other. Leave plenty of whites. I think you’re done. We laid them out and took a beautiful pic of all the work. Everyone was pleased. Every sketch was quite different as are each of our sketchers.

Rain coming. Back to the Studio for a wrap up. Lots of little tips discussed. We’d opened up all the fun ways you can get a sketch down.

Thank you Tony for stepping back and giving me the floor.  Thank you Pete for your support. Thank you to Tony’s marvelous and very able students for producing the fab work you did. I’ll be doing another Intensive in a few months.

Time for a drink at the wharf bar and to relax. For me it was a most rewarding day. I learn more from you every time about how to make our classes even better.

Enjoy the results everyone and great work.

Sketches 2


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