‘Sketching Your Day’Workshop

We spent our day as though we were  traveling. Often you have just a small amount of time in a foreign place. You want to get a few sketches. You’re not sure what you’ll see. You can’t ensure the weather. A typical situation.  So let’s get down to the little moments which will begin your sketch journey for the day. Ones you can make part of your day.

Getting out of bed. Making your cup of tea. Reading the local paper. Checking weather on your phone. Breakfast. Meeting your group. And so on.  Our sketches became a way to see the subjects as part of the town you’re in. Are you in France, Tokyo or Manly ? And what makes it so.

We spent some time considering how other sketchers show the places they are recording too. Looking at how much to put in or leave out. Some small sketches and some quite large. All are vignettes. Little pieces of life. That’s what we’re looking to do.

The rain came down. Rain simply meant we had to find different sheltered spots to sketch. But it still means you’re recording your day. You never know what you’ll sketch. That’s how travel sketching is.  So for us it was cups of tea, pathways through a park, a little plaque, the ferry, an antipasto platter and so on.

We then did something surprising. At lunch a couple of us decided to cut up our sketches and reposition them on fresh pages. If it suits you go ahead. If it strings your journal pages together in a more cohesive way, why not. We were very happy with our sketches and our day. So were the staff at Manly Pavilion. They were quite fascinated seeing our lines and colour coming to life.

We’re now ready to go somewhere else and sketch another day. Perhaps some of the food day tours we have in mind. You now have ideas of how you’ll plan your pages and the way you’ll treat your sketches. You’ll see the story of your day all there like magic. There forever. Go out and sketch and love every moment. It’s your life. Grab it in both hands.




Next Sketch Workshop is for New Sketchers. Sunday October 2.



  1. Love the photos too, especially of the outdoor deck area with the yachts in the background and the one directly underneath, altho I like them all. The sketches are delightful! Did you entice the waiter to take up sketching… 😉


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