New Sketchers Workshop. Oct 2 ’16

We managed to score an utterly glorious day for our New Sketchers Sunday Workshop.  A group of very keen people arrived at the appointed time and after introducing ourselves, inspecting our new sketch kits it was time for tea and coffee.

Everyone there said they were keen to learn to sketch while traveling rather than end up with a heap of camera images. In fact one of those attending was there because she’d met Therese one of our sketchers on a Scandinavian Tour. Here she was now, ready to do the same for herself.

It was time to begin the journey and plan our page ready to sketch the red hibiscus. One shape at a time, the marks on each page came to life.

We’d start colour.  Excitement from our group. Everyone loves this part. One colour over another, we layer up colour to get the richness of light and dark. Speed is the essence here. You are learning to sketch in the time you have.

Off to Ivanhoe Botanical Park to sketch a tree. Trees are pretty vital in most of your location sketches, and it’s a good chance to plan the page and use limited colours. Excellent trees sketches and everyone was pretty pleased with the results.

A quick march down the hill and along the street to Bavarian restaurant.  Our table was looking out over Manly beach on an extremely busy holiday weekend.  The crowds were Sunday visitors enjoying the sun, beach and the Jazz Festival.

Drinks and food ordered and a moment to get to know our little watercolour sets. Drinks in fact arrived quite soon so a great chance to do the 30 sec coffee sketch. A few lines with the pen, a dash of paint and there you have it. Wow, everyone was raring to give it a go. What a fun crazy sketch.

The gorgeous salads and wraps arrived and sketching went on hold for a brief time, mainly through lack of space on the table for it all. But as always, sketching wins over food!  Before long everyone had sketched what was on the table. Such lovely compositions and use of colour, all newly learned.

It was getting time to go but we’d said we’d have a try at fast people sketches. Ok. Each person sketch someone opposite. Just go. And they did. Several figures sketched loosely across the pages and some strokes of colour to give it pizazz.

What an excellent day we all had. All the sketches were an absolute delight. Great work everyone and look forward to sketching again.






Our next General Workshop is November 27 ’16. ‘Simple Perspective. Buildings & Street Scenes’.  If you’ve been to a New Sketchers Workshop, you are ready for this one.


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