Melbourne Workshop.

Melbourne Workshop, Pegasus Hotel, Sunday November 6 ’16

This was a really interesting and keen group of sketchers. Jeanette and I had decided we’d host a Workshop for people who’d been with us on Sketch Holidays or previous Workshops, students from the Melbourne EHS and dear sketching friends Alissa Duke and Kate Stedman our Melbourne based Travel Sketch Holiday organiser and passionate sketcher.

We’d asked people what they’d like to try today, and the choices were buildings and people. We had a few sketchers who hadn’t been with us before, so a refresher for everyone was a good way to start. How to see your flower subject, and how to get that 3D thing onto your page. As always we had great success with this first exercise.

Next was the one people pass out when mentioned. ‘Perspective’. Never fear, We have simple ways to teach you this. We did the graph which helps you see what should be happening, then it was outside to do the corner of a brick building opposite. I could hear the laughter when I went over to the building, stuck my nose on it and pointed out eye level. Somehow this funny thing helps people know what we’re talking about. The sketches which followed certainly showed that.

Tummies were rumbling so we headed of to the Raddison Hotel a few steps away for a wonderful selection of very sketchable food – we didn’t sketch – too much hunger prevented that. We were on a mission by now. To introduce watercolours. I took this chance to do a demo of how to apply paint one colour at a time over your building sketch. No need to scrub away, just single brush loads do it. Great work everyone, and we quickly prepared a double page with colour to use for our people sketching.

Last port of call was Victoria Market. It was people we were after, and there were plenty of those, sitting, leaning, sprawling etc for us to do our collection of 20 second sketches. Alissa managed a lovely double page spread of some of us – I see the spotted shirt!  A bit of random colour added and we were done. We meandered our weary way back to Pegasus Hotel and sank into the chairs for a well earned coffee. Seeing everyones work at the end is so inspiring and sharing the excitement of having achieved so much is a great reward for us all. Thank you to everyone for making our day so special.






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