New Sketchers Workshop. Dec4’16

Sunday December 4 ’16
Toni our tutor, had found some gorgeous red hibiscus growing nearby as our very first sketch of the day. On arrival people look at that rather blankly when we say ‘That will be our first sketch’ utterly disbelieving that the impossible is about to happen. That within an hour it will be on their sketchbook page.
Viola who has sketched with us before was doing a refresher and impressed us by sharing her sketchbook, full of lovely sketches after only having done one earlier workshop. Everyone felt inspired to get started
Gorgeous summer day… definitely one of Sydney’s best.
Then we crossed the road to sketch the last blooms on Roger’s Jacaranda tree and the magic of combining three colours to make different darks. ( Roger is part of our sketching family)
Down we trotted to the Ivanhoe Hotel for some yummy lunch, watercolour demo and playing with colour and our fab new water brushes. By now everyone has become quite relaxed about letting go and being free.
Off to sit under the shady Norfolk pines looking across a pristine Manly Cove and learn how to simplify a complex vista by identifying shapes and key elements. Smiles all round when we realised how much a quick thumbnail sketch helps. Ready to sketch the next big vista now…
So the day ended with sketchbooks filled with ideas, techniques and tips on how to master the art of Travel Sketching – the ErinHill way. Our group enjoyed being together and as always begin to bond over the idea of learning and sharing something together. Our visitor from furthest away was Jean from Florida, who thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with us in both Sydney and Melbourne.
Happy sketching to you all and we hope this is the start of your lifelong sketching journey.

One comment

  1. Beverley Golding

    I loved this- to be so encouraged by new beginners – & producing something to be really proud of with all the help from Erin Hill & fellow tutors


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