Let Them Eat Cake

Sunday December 18 ’16. Sketch your Cake Open Day.

The doors opened early and Anna arrived with masses of boxes filled with – well we had to wait and see! Sue brought her beautiful cake plates and stands so we could carefully create displays with samples of all the cakes available. The yellow tablecloth from France was laid out and fitted perfectly across the white tables. Now we were looking good. Many orders were in those other boxes but we weren’t allowed in there of course.

First thing was coffee. Everyone was keen on that and it gave us a kickstart to open our books and think about sketching. People began to arrive, and were very excited by the cakes laid out. Each one would take a seat and choose their subject and even get to sample some of the display.

The day was very relaxed as people dropped in, some just to pick up orders and others to sign up for New Sketchers next term. Two of our new recruits had a go at sketching with some tutoring from Anna, and did remarkably well. Most stayed on and did several sketches – with a view to sampling the wares and letting everyone know their thoughts. More like sighs of divine satisfaction I’d say. Milton tried one of the Salted Chocolate Truffles ( being a chocolate addict) and I think he thought he’d been transported to heaven. We have a box of 12 in the fridge – which will last till Christmas if no thefts take place.

By late in the day everyone picked up their orders. Some added a few more for good measure. Others even returned with friends for 2nd serves. By the time we had loaded up Anna’s big van with empty boxes there were no cakes left at all. A very successful day for catching up with friends, sketching and tasting and thinking that life was pretty good. You can run your mouse over the cake sketches below to see who the sketcher was. Taking a teaspoon to them on screen will not allow you to eat them unfortunately. But you can order more from Anna 

Thank you to everyone for being such great company and we may make this an annual event. What do you think!

To book into Term 1 2017 New Sketcher Classes contact Erin.



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