Summer Sketching. Hibiscus and beyond

Tuesday Jan 3 ’17. Shelley Beach

We hadn’t been sure what the weather would be like but luckily we could still do exactly what we’d planned. It stopped raining and brightened up. Little Manly Kiosk was an excellent place to begin our warm up sketch, which happened to be our good ol’ favourite – the red hibiscus.

For those new to sketching it was a good way to give a few tips on how we look at our subject and get lines on the page more or less as we want.

The mission for the experienced sketchers was to position their hibiscus and plan for a beach view beyond. The sketches were such a delight, with each sketcher thinking through how they’d connect the two. The results were stunning. Our new sketchers did a great job of looking out over Little Manly Beach and simplifying what they saw and having the courage to get it on paper in just the 2nd hour of learning to sketch. Everyone was impressed.

Great work everyone. Some of us then stayed on for a well deserved lunch and good old chinwag.


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