EHS New Sketchers Tutor Training

Part One. January 10 – January 13 ’17

Our tutors in training generally shadow classes for at least two terms. There is much to learn about teaching people to see the world in a new way.

However this slow cooked but very successful way for new tutors to learn meant people from elsewhere were not able to be with us for so long.

The 4 day jam packed Workshop between terms meant we could devote every minute learning the step by step way that EHS tutors learn to do their amazing job. It also meant people from other countries and other parts of this country could take part.

We began with aperitifs overlooking the harbour the night before, with our current senior tutors able to meet those coming into training. Next morning we got down to business.  Every day following, we worked through all aspect of teaching students  – to actually sketch and be thrilled and delighted.

At Bella Vista on the final day of the Part one workshop, we invited a group of people who’d not sketched before- to come and let our tutors unleash their new knowledge on them. We all felt very pleased that so many were brave enough to step up and volunteer. The results for each tutor said it all. That with our training and with the skills and passion to inspire – you will bring even more people to join the world of travel sketching. A new lifelong skill has been discovered, a new way to see and observe the world and to make new friends to share your journey.

Thanks everyone who contributed to a highly successful Workshop this week.

Part Two begins early next week.

Now for the sketches from our guests today. Congratulations to each student and the wonderful results you’ve all achieved, most never having sketched before.





©ErinHillSketchingTutor TrainingJan’17

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