Tutor Training. General Sketching



Tutor Training. General Sketchers. Jan 16 – 18 2017

We’ve worked very hard over the last fortnight, polishing our tutor training skills.
We were back in the Studio on Monday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, having had the weekend off between New & now General training. Whew.  Joining us this week was Tony from NZ and Jeanette from Melbourne.
With all of us together we found incredible value in discussing everything from planning the classes, How students respond to challenges (yes YOU) keeping subjects exciting and how best to market our particular Studios.
Despite the reeeeeeally  hot weather (how did you sleep last night we’d ask each morning) we worked our way through the agenda and finally had it all covered. Amazing. Our minds were jangling! Such a great team. Talk about laugh. We certainly added humour to the work side.
So now that we’re all highly motivated and filled with ideas, we can’t wait to take it to the classes.
Look out Auckland, Melbourne, Blue Mountains, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Excited tutors on the rampage.


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