Sunday Workshop. First Steps in Sketching

Sunday January 29 2017. New Sketcher Workshop

We’re off and running with our first Workshop for the year. We welcomed people from as far as Brisbane today. A lovely group all keen to get a grip on the skills of Travel Sketching.

What a gorgeous day, and not too hot. We started in the Studio with tea, coffee and introductions, so that everyone could get to know their class mates for the day.

In these first steps Workshops we go back to the very beginning. How we’ll get that 3 dimensional vase of simple 5 petaled hibiscus, ( although we discovered the orange one had only 4 petals!!) and get it on your page, where you want it. Page planning is a key part of sketching. From the first lines we do,we want to know that the object we’re closely observing, will in fact make sense once we put down what we see. No pencils of course. This is straight in with the black pen.

We check out our  sketch kit and see what everything is for. Very minimal and designed to be tucked in your shoulder bag, ready at any moment.   We take our aquarelle pencils and the watercolour paints and see that the colours are the same. How in fact the two mediums are designed for pure convenience. When you can’t take paint into a major museum or gallery etc, you can certainly take your aquarelle pencils.

One of our exercises was using a few core colours to sketch trees. With a tree sketched on our page, we could show rich colour with our layering of one over another.

Lunch was calling and off we wandered to Agadir Moroccan cafe where a nice big table was waiting for us. Now we would continue our observations of objects on the table, but now we’d move into watercolour paint. Before long everyone was letting colour go and creating some very edible sketches.

Great work everyone and remarkable results from nervous sketchers who had bravely stepped into the Studio just a few hours before. You did it. You’ve become a sketcher.



Next New Sketcher Workshop is on Sunday February 12.




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