Chocolate Truffle Workshop


Sketch&Bake. Truffle Sketching Workshop Day. Monday February 6 ’17

We’ve been planning these day classes with Anna, our chef, baker and Sketch tutor for a while.
Every two months we’ll do a different food and sketch experience for you.
This Workshop was very much looked forward to by our foodie Sketchers.
A big day. An early start. Sharpening our experience as public transport commuters.
Beginning the day some sketched from the moment the journey began.
The bus to town. The ferry to Sydney. The station. The platform. The other commuters in the ‘Not quiet’ carriage. Only just learned about that.
The train trip is very comfortable and before long we’re at Wentworth Falls station.
Moments later we arrived at Anna’s to a great cup of coffee and a taste of the unbelievable chocolate were about to see being mastered.
For those keen to make these themselves, the recipe was all written out. For some, simply watching and tasting was more than satisfying.
While we sketched a chocolate still life, the Choc Truffles could be boxed and popped in the chiller till home time.
Food sketching is particularly hungry work. So lunch @Conservation Hut Cafe overlooking the purple and cobalt valleys satisfied our needs.
The day went so quickly and it soon time to depart. A last photo of our proud Sketchers was all that was needed.
Home a few hours later and time for a cuppa and some Chocolate Truffles.
Anna says they last 2 weeks in the fridge. Haha.
Next Sketch&Bake is April 3. 
All about picking apples, making pies, learning tricks and taking some home.  See you there.

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