Thursday Adventure Class. QVB

Thursday February 9 ’17

Our inaugural Thursday Sketch Adventure got off to a productive start when we met up under the glowering countenance of Queen Victoria herself and did quick warm up sketches of her statue, sceptre and orb included, outside the beautiful QVB building on George Street.

To escape the heat we went inside to the tearoom upstairs with a view of the fabulous Year of the Rooster posters and gorgeous fashion windows and sweeping grandeur of the architecture. We tried out a couple of new techniques, printing from lace to replicate the victorian ironwork and wax crayon resist to add texture and extra depth.

To capture those fabulous domes on the QVB we crossed York Street and braved lunch time crowds to sketch the view back towards Town Hall. Lovely to see such variation in each sketcher’s work and everyone was happy to push beyond their comfort zone and try out new ideas.

Lunch was had at the quiet and cool Art House Hotel pub, the high ceilings and fabulous decor inspiring another round of sketching once we were fed and watered.

Some of us had a quick stop off at Muji to pick up some brush pens and unusual products, before heading off in different directions.

A lovely day, spent sketching with like-minded people, seeing our city with new eyes.

I’m already looking forward to the next one, Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden in Lavender Bay, Thursday 23rd of February.

Till next time, Kathy





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