Adventure Class.The Secret Garden

Thursday 23rd February Adventure Sketch to Lavender Bay.

We met in the shade under the iconic Luna Park Face and immediately began sketching those massive eyebrows, teeth and lips.

The more you study it, the creepier that face gets, more Batman Joker than Happy Go Lucky Clown we decided. Still fun to sketch. Only Robyn bucked the trend and faced the other direction, sketching the bridge, harbour and Opera House instead. At one stage I looked up and there was such a crowd of smiling admirers around her, all I could see were her feet sticking out.

As our shade disappeared, we headed off along the Harbour Foreshore towards Wendy’s Secret Garden. What a lovely oasis on a hot day, so many grateful people enjoying the dense shade and amazing views, some eating lunch, some reading books, others quietly contemplating. We headed off in different directions to find our own inspiration, making a time to meet back at the spreading fig at the top of the garden. We all saw different details, and each of us sketched the garden in our own style, yet all the sketches have a sense of tranquility about them. What an amazing legacy Wendy has carved out of that hillside.

Feeling hungry and thirsty, we headed across the park, past the lunch time yogis on the lawn, to the Kirribilli Club for lunch, nabbing a table with views across rooftops and the harbour. Two cocktails were purchased, for sketch purposes only of course(!), and out came the watercolours again. There was definitely an air of guilty pleasure sketching in the air conditioning on such a hot day.

The hours seem to disappear so quickly when you’re sketching, everyone said the same thing, ‘Oh is that the time already!’We reluctantly headed off to ferries, buses or cars, (btw there was plenty of 4hour parking around)

Our 2nd Thursday outing definitely rated as an adventure, albeit a genteel one, involving plein air as well as air conditioning. The sketches speak for themselves, a good time was had by all.

See you again on March 9 for the next adventure.  Kathy





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