Week4.Term1. Texture, Tone & Colour


MANLY CLASSES. Saturday Feb 25 ’17
Week 4 and we’re all much more confident. We’re feeling more free with our lines and looser with our colour.
For New Sketchers it was first time trying watercolour and something we all look forward to. We’ve learned the colours and layering in aquarelle so now we do it in paint. Two convenient and portable ways to use colour.
As with our carefree impressions we take the same approach with colour. Apply where we think it needs it. This is not colouring in. In fact some sketches need little if any colour. It depends on how you’re feeling at the time.
But nature was also a connecting factor this week between New Sketchers and General.
The Rocks, seed pods, feathers and tree forms were also a subject for our cross hatching General Sketchers. Though I can’t explain the chocolate on a wet day which the Saturday General class were indulging in. Oh yes. Cross hatched chocolate. Good, there is a connection!
Cross hatching is a very meditative way of applying tone to a sketch. Criss crossing this way and that to make light and dark. Such a strong look and by picking just one colour to go behind can make a dramatic sketch.
At no point in our sketching are we trying to get a ‘likeness’ or copy the exact look of the subject. As I say often. ‘The subject is there purely for me to get my sketch down and then I no longer need it’. I then work on the the page and get that looking as I want it. Then I’m happy.
That’s why we sketch. It’s not even about the end result. Just enjoying the doing.
On with the show…….
Tuesday General. February 21 ’17
Tuesday Eve New Sketchers. February 21 ’17
Wednesday New. February 22 ’17
Thursday Adventure Class. February 23 ’17 – click here.
Thursday Afternoon General. February 23 ’17
Thursday Eve General. February 23 ’17
Friday New. February 24 ’17
Saturday General. February 25 ’17

BLUE MOUNTAINS CLASSES. Thursday February 23 ’17


MONA VALE CLASSES. Thursday February 23 ’17

THE ROCKS CLASSES. Friday February 24 ’17


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