Adventure Class. The ‘Paper Bag’ building

Adventure Thursday. March 9 ’17

We met at the Devonshire Tunnel at Central Station and walked the pedestrian friendly Goods Line to UTS Business School.
What an amazing building. We were incredulous that such a building ever made it off the paper it was drawn on!
The discussions between architect Gehry and the vast number of artisans and builders involved in the project must have been epic.
It boggles the mind how every twist and turn and crumple and fold had to be individually designed and planned meticulously. Some say crazy, others say genius.
Thursday’s sketchers just got stuck in and sketched what they saw. Such a tricky subject and such great sketches!
We had lunch at Spice Alley opposite UTS on Broadway, a fun, funky SE Asian stretch of restaurants with outdoor courtyards and amazing aromas.
We sketched our food, the lanterns, the street art and the diners.
We were visited by an ethereal creature from Brisbane who wore red sparkly cowboy boots and carried a kangaroo bag and a Hello Kitty phone.
Fun to get out of the burbs sometimes!
Lastly, the diehards had hot chocolate opposite the Italian Barber shop at Railway Square and sketched the barbers on a break.
Lots of laughter and banter before we headed home .
Looking forward to the next one in two weeks.
Adventure Class
Next Adventure class – Thursday March 23 ’17

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