Sketch&Wine. Fast & Loose Faces


Sketch&Wine. Wednesday March 8 ’17

Our sketch and wine on Wednesday night began with all of us attempting portraits of each other using sticks and coloured ink.
We went over the basic measurements for sketching the human face in profile and front on.
Why? Because once we know the basics we are better able to judge how our subject’s features should be sketched.
Is the face longer, thinner than normal?
Is the mouth wider? The chin pointier?
Hopefully, the exercises in observation and the sketches we did will help to bring character to our portrait sketching.
There are so many styles when it comes to sketching people, and we saw that just in the 3 sketches our group on Wednesday.

Loose, dramatic, scribbly, delicate, each one told a story. Lots of laughs and a lot of ‘nothing matters.’
An excellent exercise for any sketcher no matter how long you’ve been sketching, self portraits using a mirror for quick 2 or 3 minute continuous line. No judgement!
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