Adventure Sketching. Govt House & Botanical Gardens

Thursday Adventure Class. March 23 ’17

Well no one could call we sketchers pessimists!

With a 70% chance of rain and heavy grey skies we threaded our way into the city to meet at Government House.
Our chances of exploring the gardens and sketching inside were dashed after the awful news from London, so we sketched the Gothic Revival architecture through the ornate wrought iron gates.
Keeping it simple was easier said than done, so many turrets and arched windows and recesses.
It was a shame we couldn’t gain access to the gardens, but still from our view, the magnificent trees made a fabulous organic foil for the rigid sandstone.
So far so good as far as the rain holding off.
We tempted fate by squeezing in a casual lunch and coffee at the little cafe overlooking the Domain, before finding a good spot to sketch the Sydney skyline.
A few warning drops of rain made us speedy sketchers and quite bold with colour.
The question was how do we take a city sketch and make it buzz with energy and interest. There were a few answers, such as use a pre prepared page of bold splashes, try a different medium with watercolour such as oil pastels, show the drama by only colouring the dramatic sky shape made by the towering buildings, and make good use of lights and darks to show atmospheric depth and perspective.
As we packed up, the rain came.
And it continued for the next 8 hours.
The goddess of sketchers was smiling down on us for sure.
Next adventure Thursday is April 6th and we’re meeting in the Rocks.
Til then,


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