Sunday Sketching. People made simple

We started our day with Erin making tea and coffee for everyone. What a treat! She makes the beat lattes in town.
After friendly introductions and some good humour and  laughter, we were ready to get down to work and do what we all came for. Learn how to sketch people.
Erin started us off by introducing us all to the wooden mannequin models, named Manni, Kin and Nins.  We were ready to sketch! First we learnt the best way to hold our pens to produce a confident  free line for sketching.
Once we had done a practice swirl or two it was time to listen and observe. To relax and see. We saw the shapes of heads and arms and legs and feet and hands! We didn’t take long to get that down on our page.  Next it was time to learn the colours and apply the colour to our sketches. The result was pretty good for new sketchers! Take a look! Wonderful.
Next we moved onto the hilarious  fun and free exercise of contour sketching. We were not allowed to look at our sketch books nor take our pen off the page. We had some very strange results, but once we applied colour, everything  started to make sense and we were all a little more relaxed about not trying to get things perfect!
A quick tea break then back into it. This time we posed for each other in classic travel sketch poses. Reading maps, pointing, looking, sitting etc. 20 second posses only.
Form and action was what we wanted to capture.
Then out came our watercolours. Time to learn how to use a new medium. Oh what fun! After some bright lively colors and movement we all headed down to a well deserved lunch.
At Bavarian on the beach, Erin had reserved the best table in the house for us. We had plenty of room and uninterrupted Manly bay views.
A sparkling sunny day. People everywhere, and lots of models waiting to be sketched sunning themselves of the beach.
Salads wraps and schnitzels consumed, cold bubbly drinks in giant glasses sipped on, and now it was time to learn head proportions and have a relaxing sketch of our own choice, choosing a scene with people, capturing the essence of the  day and the place. What says Manly to you? “Sketch that” I said. After some discussion and the pointing out of examples, we did a bit of people watching then it was back to work. Pen in hand, sketch books ready and we slipped into sketch mode. We had  plenty of good laughs, steep learning curves, joy, frustration, relief laughter plenty of new skill being learned and good memories.
Well done everybody.
Happy Sketching
20 sec sketches
Contour line sketches
Manly sketches
Next Sunday New Sketchers Workshop – May 28 ‘First Steps in Sketching’
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