Adventure Sketching. Agar Steps and Millers Point


Thursday provided warm sunshine for our sketch meander through The Rocks and Millers Point.. We met at the Splendid Cafe right at the base of the historic Agar steps built in 1892, a series of beautiful, cascading sandstone steps which link Kent Street to  Observatory Hill.

There are quaint private residences all the way up. So much to sketch! We had to compete with hundreds of keep fit fanatics running up and down the steps and dotted all over the hillside, making up for lost time and happy to see the sun after weeks of incessant rain.

Again spoilt for choice, do we sketch the beautiful domes of the Observatory or about turn and capture the Bridge and Luna Park? Or a fast sketch of all those fit bodies en masse?

Then down the hill and past the beautiful old Garrison church on Lower Fort Street, the oldest military church in Australia, to lunch at The Hero of Waterloo, with a licensee named Nelson!

Thank you to my fabulous inaugural adventurers, I had a blast and I hope you did too.

Will keep you posted regarding upcoming sketch adventures.




Adventure 14

More Adventures coming in Term2.


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