Sketch&Wine. Easter Flowers & Choc

Sketch&Wine. Wednesday April 12 ’17.

Mixed Media Sketching using twigs, bamboo pens, Ink, watercolour, Oil crayon, White gel pens, Spray glitter, Glitter nail varnish – on textured or coloured papers.

On a rainy night what better to come inside our warm and inviting Studio and play with creative sketches and ideas. Mix with friends, drink some wine and laugh yourself silly.

We had the pleasure of a 14 yr granddaughter who thoroughly enjoyed having a go at all the inks, crayons, glitter, for her still life sketches, punctuated with nibbling chocolate eggs. No rules here. Help yourself.

The plan was to sketch any of the several Easter Flower and choc bunny, chickens or eggs. Some hadn’t used twigs with ink before. We showed a few tryouts for everyone to see and show changing inks will give you a loose look you won’t get with the control of a pen. Yum. The toss some watercolour on. Try some Oil crayons and rub you finger trough it for smudge value. Squeals of delight. Black paper with dripping ink marbling. Add some glitter. Somehow nothing looked finished till we added some shine and glitter. Is this the start of something!! Not sure how this will work on our Venice sketches – but who knows!!

A great fun night. Cheese and crackers and nibbles demolished. Wine all gone. Must be home time. Out into the night we all went with our lovely artworks there to remind us that anything goes.

See you next month.



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