Kuala Lumpur Sketch Workshop1


We had a great day today with our first Kuala Lumpur Introduction to EHS Travel Sketching Workshop.

This was not only a 3 hour lesson in learning to see shapes, how to hold a pen and start to rethink “colour”, but also a boost to self esteem and the belief in oneself!

We had eight intrepid newbies, all eager to take on the challenge and break down some long held misbeliefs of their own strengths and weaknesses. From a very quiet first hour of concentrating through to the last laughs in the coffee shop, the transformation was a delightful to experience.

Well done to all who participated.  I hope to see you again soon in our sketching journey and if not, I hope you continue to explore and discover new skills within.

Cheers Rhonda


KL CupAppleBanana


Congratulations to everyone who bravely took part, and made a great discovery. See you all soon.


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