Sketch&Dine. Sketch.Eat.Love

Our first Sketch&Dine at SketchBar was a huge success. We all love food. We all love wine. We all love sketching. We all love socialising with like minded people.
Here was the perfect combo.
Leo was on the pans, effortlessly turning out gorgeous share dishes which we all fell upon first to sketch and then to eat. Ivo the gorgeous surfing, salsa loving boy from Brazil was waiting on us hand and foot. AAaaaahhh.
Sue brought her oil crayons which she’s currently addicted to, so we all decided that’s what we’d use tonight. Very quick with good clear colours. Forget the detail – what detail! The essence of sketching indeed. Go like the wind, crayons flying – oh you’ve got the black – did you hear that – yes the black – so I’ll use the emerald or the fuschia  – or the……. No trouble. Any colour on top of any other colour gets the job done. Then num num num. Licking of fingers. Pass the food around. Another sip of wine. Heaven on a stick.
Aaaah. Where would you rather be. Talk about happy. Doesn’t get any better than this. Fab fun. Night all.
Catch up soon with ‘A taste of India’ – Date to be decided. But Wednesday is our night.
Let us know if you’re interested.
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