Kuala Lumpur Sketch Workshop2


On Saturday 06 May another small group of intrepid sketchers began their sketching journey with me at an Introductory Travel Sketching Workshop.

We  began as usual with page planning, looking for shapes and learning to layer our colours. Luckily, I found some wonderful bright red hibiscus, Malaysia’s National flower, outside a neighbour’s home which the owner happily allowed me to pick. (The rain of late has ruined my usual roadside freebies!)

Creating three different colours using the same three pencils proved thought provoking but helped I’m sure when given a time restricted subject of a tree outside.  Being fast and loose takes practise so the time restriction really pushed people along.

Finishing up at The Library Cafe afterwards we could relax with an impromptu demo of some of the other ways aquarelle pencils can be used, such as on wet paper, with a water brush and even dripping and pouring of the colour down the page. So much experimenting can occur with so few materials! Great work everyone, and keep it up.

Cheers, Rhonda Preece

Kl Workshop2 1a

KL Workshop2 1

KL Workshop2 2


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