New Sketchers SundayWorkshop

What a fabulous opportunity it is, to get started with sketching in a one day workshop. Every 2nd month we hold Sketching Workshops in the Manly studio for new sketchers. This past month we had a glorious day filled with lots of learning, and good laughs.

First we got acquainted with our new sketch kits, learnt how to best hold our aquarelles, and we tried out all the gorgeous colours. Some testing of our new pens, a flip through the sketch book, a coffee in hand and we were ready to try sketching the hibiscus in the vase that the lovely Sue brought in for the class. Ta Da! look at the AMAZING sketches. Not bad at all for first timers don’t you think.


Next it was time to head through the park for a little fresh air, and some good old leg stretching. In the park, Anna showed the class how to sketch different simple objects with just 3 pencils. Thats how light our travel sketch kit can be! How wonderful. I will never forget the time I lugged 72 colour pencils overseas with me. Well those days are over with the ingenious system of Erin’s.


Time for lunch, so we headed to the fabulously friendly Sketch cafe. What a great name. We do love anything that is a little sketchy. I have to say though, the food was delicious, and we had a lesson on the joys of watercolour whilst waiting for our lunch order to arrive . How to mix, keep our colours clear, how to drop colour on. Watch the pigment dance on the page. Go on! Good! Now you can sketch your coffees and water glasses. We almost always like to visit a cafe or restaurant when out and about travelling, so now is the time to learn how to capture a special memory of our travels. What fun the class had with watercolours. Most students having never used this medium before. Well done!


After lunch we headed to the Manly botanic gardens and learnt how to see trees with our new eyes. Then of course, it was time to sketch them and apply colour. Drop the colours on, be brave, and have fun! What a great day for learning new skills. Sunny skies, and so many new things achieved. Bravo class. Enjoy your new sketching life before you.


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