Week 7. Term 2. People and Popping Colour.

Hello everyone, Anna from Erin Hill Studio, Blue Mountains here again. It seems that Erin is having way to much fun on the gondolas of Venice…so I’ve logged in again for a little fun, to deliver you this weeks sketching roundup. I hope you have managed during our cold and rainy week. How lucky are we to be working with vibrant colours, with warm company and delicious cafes. And if that does not warm us up, we can always go and have a look at what the Erin Hill Sketch holidays are up to! Click on this link for Erin Hill Sketching instagram Warm Venice sketches and balmy evenings sound so delightful from this misty mountains seat I am currently in.

Ive conveniently set out the classes this week again in class order as they occur during the week. I rather like that The Blue Mountains are first (hee hee, no bias from me!). We are after all up the highest and the coldest so we might as well go the “firstest” as well…Look how fabulous the space we are sketching in is. This is The Gingerbread House in Katoomba, This is where all the Saturday classes next term will be held, chosen for its excellent space, service, and divine cakes…oooo I mean, good sized sketching tables and great light….



Manly general class with Toni was next to get started on this rainy wintery week. Tony says they concentrated on using cad red, cad yellow and cobalt blue to make orange, purple and green. They also looked at “how to make our sketches pop by using complementary colours”. The Modern Furniture Store in Manly were very accomodating, and a wonderful place for inspiration.

Gorgeous Kathy next kicked off the Manly new sketchers class in the evenings on Tuesday. From “I can’t draw people” to amusement at the 20 second poses to the realisation that once you add a splash of colour, hey! They look like people! Well done for braving the arctic weather and producing such personality filled sketches.

Its Wednesday, and The Rocks general class were ready for some new challenges, and lovely sketching time. We looked at complimentary colours too, and then sketched our personal choices from the seat we were planted in! That rain and the great coffee meant nobody was budging for the whole 3 hours…

The new sketchers in Manly on a Wednesday learnt all about sketching people this week. Looks like Manne and Quin were sketched! They do love to be noticed, despite acting very wooden at times.

Its Thursday and its still raining…oh my! The Blue Mountains general class had a lovely visitor from the Manly classes. We enjoyed divine cake and coffee, then headed outside to the lakes. She froze and I had to send her into The Fairmont Resorts main dining room for some sketching in front of the fire. In the meantime, we got our fingerless gloves and beanies on, and sketched the wintery scene before us.

Manly Thursday general class. Lots of discussion about colour in the studio, how soft cool colours recede and how we can use warm colours in the foreground to bring objects forward. We also looked at how small pops of complementary colours can complete a sketch. A big thank you to Modern Furniture for lots of inspiration this week!


Thursday evening, and why shop when you can sketch! The Modern Furniture shop generously allowed Kathy’s general class to borrow some stock to use as inspiration to make our colour combinations pop. Marimekko fabric designs are bold and colourful, just like our sketches!

The Rocks new sketchers on Friday were delighted by the wonderful Rocks Market Vivid vibe. We had a lovely time learning about sketching people out and about after i insisted on a sunny daisy warm up sketch to cheer us up whilst we drank tea.

The new sketchers in Manly on Friday had so much fun warming up with cups of tea and blind contour portraits. Letting go of fear and laughing at our selves. So long as our sketches look people-ish, we’re happy.
Manly Library was a great place to people watch and sketch some quick, loose subjects. Our reward was coffee and warm Swedish cinnamon buns at Cafe Fika. Yum.
Well done everyone. It’s wonderful to see your creativity and confidence growing! Toni x

The Manly general class on Fridays with Kathy reached an incredible level of concentration today. The study of how colours ‘bounce’ off each other energy-wise was one that will stay with them.



The Saturday general class with Kathy was rained out (jokes). Take a look at the fun they had! and the amazing results!

Kathy writes….

There are some subject choices which can be interpreted in so many ways and this week’s Modern Furniture was a case in point. Using the elegance of Nordic design as inspiration, each sketcher came up with something unique to them. The challenge of tying the various patterns, shapes and colours together in a cohesive composition was enthusiastically met and the results were fabulous.


Last class of the week is Saturday lunchtime class with Gaye. First time sketching people. very impressive.


The rain continues to fall, but our happy colours and new sketching skills gathered this week will bring sunshine to our long weekend. See you all next week. Anna 🙂



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