Term 2. Week 8. Flowers and Bicycles and all things nice.

Welcome to a wonderful new week of sketching again. Anna from the Blue Mountains branch reporting whilst Erin is in France, leading her joy filled Erin Hill Sketch Holidays.

First class of the week was in the crisp Blue mountains. Tuesday New Sketchers class.
This week was about seeing everyday objects with our new sketchers eyes.
We headed to The Hydro Majestic in Medlow Bath for spectacular views and a spacious cafe. There’s a rattan bike hanging on the wall, how can you sketch it? Next we headed to the sloping corridor. Cats alley. Incredible perspective issues here! And look at those scenes from the Windows! And that decor…. whoa! Thanks for having us Hydro Majestic. Always a delight.

Toni reports for the manly Tuesday general class that it was Blue sky and sun today, what a treat after so much rain. We started class by chatting about how to plan a sketch, selecting those aspects that please us and how we can ‘edit’ what we see and use a view or subject as inspiration, not just copy what’s in front of us. What freedom!
Off we went to Sketch the gorgeous White House Flowers shop, with coffee and lunch at Sketch Cafe. Here below some wonderfully creative impressions. Well done!

Tuesday evening and Kathy says “Tonight we got bicycles ticked off then went happily ‘off piste’, as for various reasons only one intrepid sketcher made it to class. So we followed on from last week’s “People” and did facial features and proportions.” Gorgeous work!

Its Wednesday, my day in The Rocks teaching the General class. A visitor from The Blue Mountains Classes, and some sketching on the streets. The rain of course, meant we “had” to return to our favourite cafe for more coffee, lunch and sketching.

New Sketchers Manly on a Wednesday. Gaye reports….Warmup line drawing, studio fruit and veg, Manly vegetable market, Showbox cafe watercolour from fruit and veg market .
We had a brush with fame Mike Witney was filming for Sydney weekender at our first choice of cafe  .. chatted on the way past 🙂

Blue mountains general class on a Thursday. A lovely start at Big Beet Cafe where we experimented with water soluble inks, brush pens, and played around with aquarelles and looked at what we thought were Blue Mountains colours. Next we headed to the top of Katoomba street, sat at the taxi rank and sketched some of Katoomba’s wonderful facades. Then Lurline street to capture some of the old guesthouses. What fun, and a nice sunny day too!

Manly General Thursday class with Toni. Warm and sunny, perfect sketching weather for our Thursday group. We started with coffee and Mill & Co, (the old Foundry 53) and then headed down to White House Flowers. Everyone found a wide-angle view they liked and then crossed the road for a close-up sketch. The Sketch Cafe was our last port of call to finish off our sketches. A warm welcome back to Sooze who joined us for a drop-in class. You’re welcome anytime!
Manly Thursday evening general class where treated to a wonderful studio set up by Kathy.
The Rocks New Sketchers on a Friday. A wonderfully open adventurous and spontaneous class this term. As we headed to The Rocks market to sketch our bicycle we spotted a double back wheeled bike perfectly positioned opposite some seats, next to the musicians. Thats was us! And here are the sketches. What a lovely day.

Manly general class on a Friday. Cold and damp but the rain held off for our Whitehouse Florist sketch. Our stylish couple Dave and Zorana arrived on two wheels looking very glamorous. Everyone managed great character filled sketches, inspired I think, from the heady scents flowing past our noses as each amazing bouquet was carried past us.

Manly new Sketchers with Toni…Today it was bicycles. As one of our sketchers said, Manly is the Amsterdam of Sydney, bikes everywhere! We had prepared some aquarelle and watercolour pages in the studio before we headed down to Manly Wharf to find some bikes that appealed to us. Fabulous negative shapes to look for. So much confidence in your sketches…Coffee and brownies at BareFoot Traders and fast people sketching. Great fun. Can’t wait for next week!

Its Saturday and the General class with Kathy was great! Chilly morning but rain happily held off . Mill and Co were very happy for us to spread ourselves out and sketch indoors and Whitehouse Flowers ordering coffees and meals as we liked. So many fab sketches. See for yourselves. Kudos to Anne for her remote sketch class too.

The new sketchers class Manly.

Happy Sketching, and don’t forget your homework! Most importantly, enjoy. Stay warm, Anna.

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