Term 2. Week 9. Nostalgia and Intrinsic Shapes and flamingos!

Hello again, Anna from the Blue mountains Erin Hill Studio, happy to report this weeks going on.

The first class this week. Blue Mountains New sketchers. We started our day in Lawson at Cortado Cafe. Really relaxed and wonderful coffee. Then off to Lyttleton Stores in Lawson, for sketching of all things local, seasonal and organic. We are lucky to have such a beautiful shop in The Mountains. They were kind to let us in the divine vegetable garden too. A place where many workshops take place. Mushroom cultivation, or indigo dying anyone?

Next class was Toni’s Manly General. She says…”We made some quick changes to our class plan today and took advantage of a gorgeous winter day. We were also joined by Janice, an Erin Hill Sketcher from
New Zealand. A quick coffee first and then everyone found a pleasing beach-front subject. I love seeing your sketching develop, supporting you when you’re looking to stretch your skills with a challenge and creating space and encouragement when you who want to sketch within your comfort zone. Well done everyone.”

Tuesday evenings with Kathy in manly with New students…”An arrangement of winter veggies were our intrinsic shapes this week.  Curved carrots, bulbous sweet potato, skinny leeks, just shapes slotting together. Light sketches, texture with China graph, then colour dropped in. Voila!’ Kathy.


Wednesday in The Rocks, and we have the General class. A lovely catch up with a sketcher returning from her Erin Hill Sketching Holiday in Venice, coffee, tea and sketching nostalgia. Capturing the old world, and looking at sepia and other browns.

In Manly the New Sketchers with Gaye. She says “Today it was bikes bikes bikes !! For us in Manly .. we looked at negative spaces and angles .. continuous line drawing .. aquarelles and watercolour in the studio .. followed by a cool and almost wet drawing adventure at Manly Wharf where there was no shortage of views and bikes 🙂 All of the students chose a different bike and view and we retreated to the luxury of Crinitis to add colour . Choice of Media saw aquarelles , watercolour and a combination of the two .. well done all . :-)”

Thursday the General class in The Mountains….To survive the cold mountains winter a wise long term resident advised “if the sun comes out, go sit in it, feel it on your back, it could be days until it comes out again!” We have taken notice and on this sunny winters day we had a quick coffee at the new Fed Cafe in Wentworthfalls then headed to the park. It was all about tree trunks and bark, sepia and browns this week. The time when trees show off their bark and textures is winter. The leaves have dropped, the flowers gone but still so many beautiful things to notice and sketch.

Manly’s Thursday General class… Toni reports “Sydney really turned on a brilliant winter day. We met at the beach and talked about composition, how to capture waves and not being afraid of the dark(s), before sketching the beach vista. Then it was time for coffee and tea at Manly Wine where we sketched some more and practiced colour dropping. A lovely relaxed way to finish the day. Great work everyone.”

Thursday evening General class. Kathys says “Our theme was nostalgic seaside holidays. We warmed up by sketching scrabble and binoculars and moved on to washes of sky and sea. Lots to practice and have fun with this week.” Whats fun!

The Rocks New sketchers looked at intrinsic shapes and colour dropping. We headed to the local food hall where we could spread out and do our “city thang”.

Friday in Manly and the General class with Kathy. She says “We had such a productive Friday! First we practised sea and sky washes with the stunning Manly winter surf as our inspiration. “Permission to play” allowed everyone to relax and enjoy letting watercolours do their thing. We cosied up in the Flamingo Room at Manly Wine and had a lot of fun splashing pink around and imbueing our flamingos with personality and attitude. Happy safe travels for those who fly out next week. Enjoy!”

New Sketchers on Friday, Manly. Toni reports… “Today we went back to basics and discussed how we layer colour from light to dark. We also talked about how when add final touches of dark we help create depth and drama. Fantastic to see your detailed colorful sketches. Our well deserved coffees and turmeric lattes at Cafe Ora topped off a great Week 9. Lovely work everyone. ”

Last day of the week for classes this term is Saturday. First up is the general class. Kathy reports “Despite Saturday being a glorious sunny day, we learned how to make moody dramatic watercolour washes using one colour only. Useful , when you want to add interest or drama to a sketch. As a contrast we sketched pink flamingos over lunch, a fun subject to explore.”

The last class of the week is the New Sketchers in Manly.  Gaye reports…”After  continuous line drawing ,grappling with interior corners and experimenting with drawing on wet paper we visited Manly markets and finished with coffee at the deli where unfortunately we ran out of time as all were catching buses !! ..so our lustrous last works will be on view next week .: -)”

Happy sketching all! until next week, Anna x

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