Sketch&Lunch-A Taste of India

On the last Monday of the month Erin Hill Sketching holds a Sketch&lunch day trip. June’s trip was “A taste of India”. We limit group size to 8, and that way we can access smaller out of the way and off the tourist beat, cultural delights.

We met at the train station. Thats easy. Harris Park first, then later we headed to Wentworthville. For many of us, this in itself was an adventure! Then we proceeded to the most unlikely Indian brunch spot. Eggzone. The chef and owner Viral made delicious egg dishes that are so far removed from any egg curry you have ever had before. He spices his dishes with tradition, from his home town Baropa, in India. Absolutely divine, and most certainly an authentic experience. We tried pani puri and lassi’s too, had plenty of room for sketching and got to know each other  little.


Next we headed down Harris Parks main Indian restaurant street. I like to help sketchers on the trip understand that return visits to an area will always delight them with something new to experience. This street is particularly alive on weekends and evenings and worth a return visit at a later date, especially now you know your way around.

We popped into the sari shop for a quick sketch, then it was time to catch our train to Wentworthville for a look and feel of another big Australian Indian population area. We bought spices, sketched the unique fruit and vegetables (got told we couldn’t photograph them!? good! he must be a sketcher….) and tasted some of the best Indian sweets Sydney has to offer. I know, Ive tried them all….

Then down to a little bustling street food cafe Ive been going to for a long while now. We tasted Dosa Masala (a few of us tried other things too) and experienced first hand the culture of little India in Sydney. Noisy, bustling, a little frenetic, and always lots of delicious smells, colour and movement.

Back at the train station we said goodbye to each other, got our Train timetable apps on our phones, and found our way home again. I crunched on Indian spiced chickpea snacks and sipped my mango lassi in the quiet carriage all the way home. Crunch.

The next Sketch&Lunch is Monday 31st July. Its “Korea, taking Sydney by storm”. We will meet at Eastwood station. Limited placed available. More info here

To Book, email Anna at

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