Term 3. Week 7. people, fashion and mannequins.

What a week of people sketching. New Sketchers learnt new skills sketching people for the first time, and the General classes took to the shopping districts to sketch mannequins, fashion and shop windows.

Manly Tuesday General

We discovered today that mannequins are a great way to practise people & fashion, AND mannequins don’t move away like real people do. Lots of colour and movement in your sketches, I think you even surprised yourselves, yes, you can sketch people and they look great. Well done!


The Rocks General Wednesday

Glorious morning at The QVB. Tea, scones, and sketching fashion. Concentrating on folds, texture, tone and fabric flow. Tiny class this week. Hope everyone feels better next week.


The Blue Mountains Thursday General

Learning new skills. Folds, detail capturing the essence of the fabric. Mannequins in windows. Great way to develop new ways with sketch the human form. We wear and sketch puffy jackets and scarves, whilst sketching summery dresses in windows!


Manly Thursday General

So many great fashion designs to choose from today, we even had lovely live music to sketch by, heaters to dry our work and warm winter drinks. Well done everyone. I hope you feel inspired to open your wardrobe and sketch a favourite item at home!


Manly Thursday Evening General

So much laughter tonight as we sketched mannequins at the mall. A good lesson on why it’s so important to practice, practice, practice people. They’re tricky even when they’re made of plastic and immobile!


Manly Friday General

A great sketch class capturing those humourless dummies draped in expensive clothes. Some really good experimentation with watercolour and aquarelle to make them pop on the page. We managed a few non plastic humans too for contrast!


Manly Friday New Sketchers

We had great fun looking for character in our people sketches today. Blind contour sketches, non-dominant continuous line sketches, 60 second portraits then off to the local for some Pub People. We all agreed that this was a great way to spend an afternoon. No fear here, you jumped right in. Great work!


The Rocks Friday New Sketchers

Today was extremely enjoyable for all of us. We discussed the proportions of the body using the Manekin as an example, which was then sketched and coloured with Pencils.
We all took turns posing for the 20sec sketches.
We concluded the morning with scones at the “Tea Cosy” and decided to sketch each other. What a great time!


Manly Saturday General

Spring sunshine arrived today along with the Father’s Day crowds at the mall. So many interpretations of the same subject and everyone was happy to share and discover new ideas. BonVoyage to Rob and Anne Marie off to walk and sketch the Camino in Spain and our thoughts and sympathy to Felicity, her amazing dad passed away at 101.


Manly Saturday New Sketchers

It was people people people!  A tiny group of us warmed up our brains and hands with ‘blind ‘continuous line drawings of each other’s faces- then it was onto lessons about proportions of faces and figures with the mannequins getting a good workout. Our 3 basic colours were once again used with a very different effect on each. Then it was time to wade into real life with 10 second, 20 second and 5 minute poses which provided us with more opportunities both in observation and colour experimentation in both aquarelle and water colour.
Then it was off to Belgrave Cartel  for some well earned sustenance and cafe character drawing. Excellent work by all, well done.


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