Term 3, Week 8. Bikes and Sketching our days…

What a gorgeous week we had. Out and about, sketching bikes and for the general classes, sketching our days, learning new skills around journalling and telling a story with our sketches.

Manly Tuesday General

This week it’s all about travel vignettes. How to capture small snapshots of a place, small details that help describe what you see and experience. We talked about page layout and the impact of white space on the page. Lovely work, you’ve definitely told the Manly story, the beautiful, the quirky and the unexpected.



The Rocks Wednesday General

A day at Pier 8, Walsh bay. Opal cards lost and found, trains, ferries, orchids being gifted, tea, coffee, funny conversations, wonderful comradeship as we sketched our story. Mindful of cohesion, page design, preserving the whites, and our narrative being linear or not? Thats where the subject matter gets our creative treatment. A fun day as always.



The Blue Mountains Thursday General

Wow! Its COLD and WINDY! But we are a resilient bunch of sketchers. We met at Synonymous cafe then headed to the wonderful Hydro Majestic in Medlow Bath. We captured our day with small scenes, close up, mid and long distances. Keeping whites, telling our story. What fun!



Manly Thursday General

Another blue sky day, perfect for sketching vignettes of Manly, the iconic Manly ferry & wharf, cheeky seagulls and aspects of the Manly beachfront. Vignettes are surprisingly challenging and yet you’ve told tiny stories really well. Lovely spring sketches everyone.



Manly Thursday Evening General

We spent some time discussing what Manly means to each of us. Looking at postcards and brochures and favourite photos. Louise wanted to capture a stunning 5.30 sunrise she witnessed this week, Katherine liked the stack of bright kayaks , Caroline wanted to capture the barrel of a wave. Tonight was relaxed, fun and a few new sketch tricks learned.



Manly Friday General

We welcomed the return of Oceanides twin statues by including them in our vignette sketches. We met at The Boat House and sketch crawled along the sculpture walk towards the Bower. Beautiful day only slightly marred by a cormorant releasing it’s bowels over Victoria and her sketch. Twice!



Manly Friday New Sketchers

Bikes, all shapes and sizes this week. Tangled up, jazzed up or ready to deliver pizza, we were there to catch the moment. Lovely sketches and some great travel sketching poses to boot!



The Rocks Friday New Sketchers

Bicycles and everyday shapes will
always be observed, yes “paying attention” to the subject we are sketching.
We started the lesson by sketching a bicycle from memory. Our results were interesting, we each revealed a different concept of a bicycle.
We then did a continuous line drawing of the bicycle outside.
We sketched any object in the “Tea Cosy” , pewter jug and the coffee table and lamp were chosen (to re-inforce observational skills).
Finally we sketched the bicycle in the context.
What a relaxing morning for all!!
Looking forward to next week.



Manly Saturday General

Today we had the pleasure of meeting the sculptor Helen Leete and her family, who dropped by to see The Sea Nymphs.  Helen was delighted to find us sketching her creation and wanted to know all about the EHS studio. Another stunning spring day in Manly, and our sketches show that!



Manly Saturday New Sketchers

A tiny but talented group of sketchers tackled ‘the bike’. First in the studio from memory then a sketch of the bike itself adding watercolour. Then it was off to Manly to seek one in its natural environment. Unfortunately for us the wind was causing large waves in Manly Cove so we sheltered in the Bavarian Beer Cafe where we could then spy our elusive prey through the chill stopping cafe blinds while enjoying cider and pretzels … After combining bike , harbourscape and people we added colour in our own choice of media. Aquarelles, watercolour or a combination of both gave our work individuality and extended our practice. Well done !



We are taking bookings for Term 4 now. Bookings close 30th September. Email Erin at erin@erinhill.com.au to book or see here for more details. See you next week 🙂


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