Term 3 week 9. Seascapes, water and intrinsic shapes

We are almost at the end of term. Can you believe it’s here already? Where did the time go? What vast improvements can be seen in this weeks sketches. It all seems to come together in the last few weeks. Take a look and see.

Manly Tuesday General

One of those gorgeous spring days, no wind!
Over coffee we prepared our paints, lots of thumbnail swatches of colour and chinagraph to build our confidence before heading out. A huge vista, gorgeous rock formations, a calm sea and distant headlands. The boardwalk and ocean pool were a bonus. Well done everyone, lots of atmosphere and energy in your sketches today!


The Rocks Wednesday General

We decided to head to Barangaroo today. Perfect sunny weather. A great place for sketching, learning about wet on wet, and plenty of great eateries on ground level under the office buildings. We had so many away today with some on their way to the Boston Sketch Holiday, a few sick, and one in the Galapagos, but our tiny class managed to still have a lovely time.


The Blue Mountains Thursday General

What to do when its 4c outside and the bitterly cold winds could knock you down? Go to The Fairmont Resort of course! Friendly service, big open spaces, fireplaces, fish tanks, warm as toast! The theme was “wet on wet”. We could see the lake, the pool and the fish tank all from inside. Today, we sketched in luxury. Vienna coffees, apricot slices and chai teas, a perfect way to keep us warm despite our watery subject matter!


Manly Thursday General

This was a day to really explore watercolour. Layers of beautiful pigment, chinagraph for texture and darks to create depth and drama. Sydney sandstone meets the sea. Gorgeous!


Manly Thursday Evening General

Lots of technique practice tonight, simple unfussy washes for sky and sea, reserving the white paper for waves and highlights and dropping in darks to add drama and interest.



Manly Friday General

Wild winds made us seek shelter below the cliffs at Harbord Diggers after a warm up sketch of Duke surfing his sandstone wave. Today was meant for play, washes, using the salt from the rock pools to create texture, trying different colour combos and dropping in those darks. We ended up at Gios upstairs at The Diggers for calamari and stuffed zucchini flowers. Thanks for braving the elements and having a play.


Manly Friday New Sketchers

Intrinsic shapes, white tops and sides and lots of colourful fresh produce today at Harris Farm Markets. We even found fresh flowers, coffee and a sunny spot out of the wind. Smiles all round. Well done class, great confidence in your sketching.


The Rocks Friday New Sketchers

Today we discussed intrinsic shapes. We first sketched mushrooms and cabbage and then followed with lemons and tomatoes.
The delicious scones arrived together with latte’s and morable Almond Chai Latte’s, enjoyed by all at the Tea Cosy.
After satisfying our appetites we sketched a beautiful basket of veges and lemons.
Each fruit and vegetable shone through with its distinctive shape and beautiful inviting colours, yes looking at these beautiful sketches that you have all produced its tempting to eat any of those veges and lemons.
Looking forward to next week.


Manly Saturday General

Starting at Harbord Diggers Diner again we prepared a few pages in greens and blues using Freshwater surf across the road as inspiration. Duke Kahanamotu on the surfers Walk of Fame, was our warmup sketch before heading to a vantage point above Freshwater to add depth and interest to our prepared washes.
We had so much fun. As you can tell!


Manly Saturday New Sketchers

It was a tiny yet terrifically talented tribe today. After a slow start students sketched self selected fruit and veg. Both aquarelle and watercolour technique were then extended to achieve beautifully imaginative sketches. After this sortie it was decided that instead of infiltrating the local stores we would concentrate on understanding and capturing a corner interior. We took time to review eye level perspective and launched into our selected views. The trio tried their own colours schemes to great effect.  Terrific work all !!!


Term 4 Bookings close Midnight Saturday Sept 30 ’17

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