Sunday New Sketchers Workshop

Sunday September 24th a group of us spent an enriching time discovering Erin’s Sketching Techniques. Being in the Present Moment, knowing there are no mistakes, just freedom of expression was enjoyed by all.

We started the day getting to know our sketching kit. We learned how to hold the sketching pen, as well as the correct way to hold the aquarelles. We made swatches of each colour and learnt the names of all the colours. Layering the colours in the sketch of a simple cup, apple and banana was next.

We then moved on to measuring our page to ensure the fruit fitted correctly in proportion to the page.

Beautiful sketching by all, the technique of colour layering as well as the waterbrush technique were practised.

When the fruit sketch was completed we walked to Crinitis where we enjoyed a delicious lunch, where we also continued to sketch.

The watercolour palette was a delight to use, and swatches were made of all the colours. We sketched rocks and then learned to use the Chinagraph pencil.  The Colours danced on the page as the rocks materialised into gorgeous colour schemes.

We learnt about the structure of trees and then walked to Ivanhoe Park to sketch trees.

After sketching the trees we returned to the studio and continued to colour the trees with watercolour. What stunning colours and magnificient trees sketched by all.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for embracing this memorable sketching day.

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