Boston Sketch Workshop

Sunday October 14 ’17 North End Boston

There has been a lot of interest from people in various parts of the USA to somehow learn to sketch with ErinHill Sketching. So to at least get started I decided to do one short Workshop while in Boston on the Saturday before leaving for New York and Australia.

The sketchers were all people who new the EH style and simple approach. Not drawing. Not illustrating. The quick impression is what we do.

Caffe Vittoria is a very established icon in the heart of little Italy in North End, and a great spot to start a sketch – and have a half way decent coffee. We’d brought our Sketch Holiday students here earlier in the month and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had a couple of tables together and a pile of fresh apples to model for us. We worked through the first steps of seeing shape and began our colour layering within a short time.

Apple still life

Out into the rain we went, up with the umbrellas and a dash along to Paul Revere mall. There’s an imposing statue of Paul Revere on his horse as he started the secret ride to warn troops the British were coming. The trees are big enough to provide some shelter so we found a good composition by looking toward the gold domed church, with the statue in the foreground.

Thumbnail sketches are a great way to plan your sketch and everyone played around till ready to do the real deal. We were getting short on time so with not long to go, each sketcher got stuck in and put their sketch together in record time. Colour we do later.

Rain seemed to have eased so on a good bench and seating near Paul Revere house we began our first layers of colour. Then the rain came down in buckets! Dashing over to a verandah we found some shelter, along with everyone else getting out of the rain. However, we sketchers have a job at hand and that was to complete the sketch and feel pleased with the results. We did and we were.

What a great day we had. Everyone learned the way we put a sketch together and to apply colour. All in your own way in your own style. Great work sketchers. We’ll get together next summer and sketch again. Farewell Boston. You were great.

Paul Revere statue


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