Term 4 has begun!

Term 4 has begun, with New sketchers learning all about the joys of Travel Sketching the Erin Hill way, and returning students continuing with class mates whom have now become friends, as they delve deeper into the fascinating and fun world of Sketching.

Tuesday Manly General 

Everything is interesting when you sketch it, even broccoli and cauliflower!
We had a great time settling into class taking time to really observe detail, texture and tone. We developed our skills in hatching, stippling, and seeing negative spaces. Some of us saw high heel boots in roots and there was even a fig tree that became a landscape. Crazy colours and mixed media, today was a wonderfully creative start to the term.

Tuesday Blue Mountains

Our first week of term 4. New faces new skills! Beginners became familiar with their new art kits, sketched amazingly brilliant locally “foraged” azaleas and practiced the art of travel sketching at The Conservation Hut Cafe. Returning students practiced mark making and hatching. Studied the inner world of broccoli and closely observed the cicada shells that have been popping up all around up here in The Mountains.

Wednesday The Rocks General

We met at our favourite cafe Pier 8 for a session on Vistas! Colour blocking, simplifying with shapes, line work only, colour only, then finally a free choice sketch. The improvement over the break is remarkable. Well done class. Lovely to be back! Anna.

The week before Tammy took the class… She reports “After meeting at the steps of the NSW Art Gallery, we all popped over to the Pavillion Restuarant for Coffee and a discussion about hatching and cross hatching.
We used a pen as well as watercolour to practice different ways of cross hatching, as well as looking at examples.
We then went onto the Art Gallery where we sketched the back of a statue (woman holding her baby on her shoulder).
Thank you all for such an enjoyable morning. Tammy.”

Thursday Manly General

Wow, I love the way you all embraced hatching, negative space, layering  colour and combining mediums today. Beautiful results and lots of fun too. A great start to the term, you’re off and running!

Thursday Evening Manly General

Week 1 of term 4 and what a fabulous start to the term. Such concentration and willingness to experiment with colour and line. We had a vegetable zen meditation , as we studied folds and light and form and colour variation. Well done to all, a really fun class to be a part of.

Friday Manly General

Once again it was so inspiring to see how much sketching was done  during the break. Such different styles, and yet we learn little tricks and take ideas from each other. That is the magic of sketching in a group. Such a good start to the term!

Friday Manly New Sketchers

Shapes, line and colour, it was a big first day of term for our New Sketchers. I was so impressed with your enthusiasm, positivity and good cheer, not to mention your sketches! It’s going to be a great term.

Friday The Rocks New Sketchers

Welcome to the New sketchers at the Rocks “Tea Cosy”.
We started the morning checking out our new sketch kit.
First learnt how to hold our pens and  watercolour pencils.
We made swatches of all the different colours, then learnt to measure our page.
The stunning colours of the hibiscus were translated onto the page. We added fruit to our composition as well.
The layering technique was mastered by all when we practised with the cup, apple and banana sketches.
We also sketched a basket of delicious fruit.
We enjoyed, coffee, chai lattes, sandwiches and scones.
Our morning was concluded with the practising of the Water Brush, on sketches of fruit, which was an instant hit.
Thank you to all the lovely ladies.
What a great morning!

Saturday Manly General

Back to winter temperatures today, so we were happy to stay sketching in the studio until hunger drove us to head up the hill to Brisket and Bike Co. The perfect antidote to the cold and wet outdoors, we were warmly welcomed and plied with delicious brisket and brioche by Kyle the owner. Oh yeh, and some sketches were done…
And they were fabulous.

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