Term 4. Week 2. Vistas and Round Objects

Welcome to the second week of Term 4. The weather is warming up, and many of us have been enjoying getting out and sketching the fabulous scenes Sydney has to offer. Take a look at what the classes accomplished this week.

Tuesday Manly General

A beautiful class spent at North Harbour Reserve. Coffee at 40 Beans Cafe set us up for a quick sketch of the cafe or cottage. Then it was off to the waters edge to sketch the marina vista. Well done everyone you each captured some lovely memories.


Tuesday The Blue Mountains All levels

Apart from pulling faces (look closely at the picture on The Carrington’s balcony) our General students sketched vistas. They practiced with some excercises I gave them first, then put into practice some of their new skills. New Sketchers learnt about round and overlapping shapes, then we headed out on location to sketch a tree. We had a blast at Big Beet Cafe, where the coffee is always good.


Wednesday The Rocks General

We started at The Grounds in the city to learn about embellishment and lettering of our sketches. Next we headed up to Kinakuniya bookstore for further sketching and plenty of inspiration. Green tea and some zen cake at Black Star Pastry, and we were set for a last sketch, incorporating all the new techniques we had practiced earlier.


Thursday Manly General

Our cottage warm-up sketch provided a chance to discuss simple shapes, framing our subject, and how to edit a scene. It’s lovely to see you bring your own style to your sketches.

Before sketching our vista we talked about planning our sketch, which story do we want to tell? Where to place the marina? How many boats to include? You all did a great job simplifying a complex scene and layering some lovely blues and greens. A third sketch provided a chance to try new things and take some risks…Play and explore. Well done!


Thursday Evening Manly General

We sketched Amaryllis blooms to warm up, like the hibiscus only bigger and bolder and with 6 petals rather than 5. Apparantly, Amaryllis means “to sparkle” in Greek, and they really do as Denise pointed out!
Sketching “Vistas” in the studio meant we used photos as inspiration. We used texture and stronger line to show foreground, intense colour on our focal points and softer tones to show distance. Now to practice what we learnt…


Friday Manly General

Such a lovely warm welcome from the staff at Plonk. The manager is an artist and was quite entertained at how comfortable we made ourselves in our ad hoc studio. We were inspired by the soggy view as well as the myriad ways each of us chose to depict that view. Everyone was very generous with their praise as well as their art supplies. Food, views, sketching and good company, all the boxes


Friday Manly New Sketchers

A grey, rainy day gave us a good excuse to stay inside with cups of tea and chocolate to enhance our sketching. Round shapes, white tops & sides and using darks to create depth, we were busy! There was lots of time to practice layering lovely colours, sketching lemons, tomatoes and some quirky trees from across the road. Great fun, well done.


Friday The Rocks New Sketchers

Today was a very relaxed and enjoyable class.
We started with a very brief guided meditation which was welcomed by all.
The layering of colour on the lemons was carried out masterfully.
We discussed capturing the essence of “Tea Cosy”, and then followed up with sketches.
Trees were next, but as it was raining we used photos of trees.
We discussed the structure of trees and then sketched them.
The colours of the trunks and foliage, as well as capturing depth were beautifully sketched by all.
I love the way each of you have developed your own style in such a short time.
Thank you to all of you for such an enjoyable class.
I am looking forward to seeing you next week.


Saturday Manly General

The weather gods gave us sunlight to sketch the cute cottage at No 5 Lower Beach Rd as well as the marina and Boathouse at North Harbour Reserve. Welcome home to Anne-Marie after her Spanish walking adventure. It was lovely to see her memories captured in her sketchbook. With today’s subject, such a vast open vista, the decisions on what to leave out and what to draw attention to with colour and detail, made each sketch a study in individual style.
I’d encourage everyone to come back and sketch at the same location, just for fun!

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