Term 4. Week 3. Embellishments and Water Scenes

Hello everybody, we are in week 3 already. We have a had a week full of new skills being practiced, and for some classes, new tools being introduced. General students discovered the joy of embellishing their sketch pages.

Tuesday Manly General

‘Permission to Play’ was today’s theme with lettering our focus. You could have heard a pin drop. So much concentration. Sketchers chose headings, title pages, quotes and embellished old sketch book pages. It was lovely to have time in the studio to discuss techniques, choose page layouts and leaf through inspiring books and magazines. I think you all went home with new ideas and some fun pages to be proud of. Well done.



Tuesday The Blue Mountains All Levels

New Sketchers were introduced to watercolours this week. The tree we did last week was done with watercolour. Then the lake was sketched in aquarelles then in watercolour. Colour dropping, preserving the whites.
The General students worked on embellishing their pages with lettering, boarders, and icons. Their brief was to capture the day by Wentworth Falls Lake. They did well!



Wednesday The Rocks General

The Strand Arcade. Coffee, a spot of shopping, birds eye view sketching from the top floor. 1 point perspective, flat perspective, trying to capture the unique features of the Strand Arcade. Phew! Time for a pot of tea and some avocado and smoked salmon on toast…



Thursday Manly General

A creative playdate today with lettering, title pages and embellishing sketches.
Stretching ourselves to try new things and develop our travel journal skills. Italy, Spain, Vietnam, the Kimberley’s, even Patagonia and Pittwater. Great creative fun!



Thursday Evening Manly General

We had a quick leaf, colour dropping warm up before diving into lettering. We experimented with brush pen writing and calligraphy dip pens and discovered that tentative doesn’t work. You need to commit and be bold , a lot like sketching, to get those free flowing lines. I discovered a few really good sayings, thank you all for a fun night.



Friday Manly General

A strange day indeed, sketchers were calling in sick or having last minute deadlines, which meant Liz and I got to play with text, calligraphy and meaningful quotes before having lunch appropriately, at Hemingways…



Friday The Rocks New Sketchers

Today we discussed composition, observed shapes and sketched sea shells. We applied colours in layers bringing the shells to life on our page.
We sketched thumbnails of water scenes discussing landscape and portrait.
The baskets of scones, chocolate brownies, coffee and lattes were all welcomed and sketched between bites and sips.
As the wind was changing constantly we all decided to stay at the “Tea Cosy” and sketch a relaxing beach scene of Watsons Bay.
It was exciting to open our watercolours and practice some swatches which will be repeated next week.
Thank you to all you for a very enjoyable morning. Looking forward to seeing you next week.



Friday Manly New Sketchers

‘Extreme Sketching’ today, not sure if that was because  we introduced watercolour or because we were hit with a rainy gale and ended up at OctoberFest 😉

Sand/Sea/Sky: Layering pure pigment in lots of water on the page, looking for main shapes and using chinagraph for texture and highlights. You all did a great job!



Saturday Manly General

We practised delicate line and dramatic line, brushstrokes and washes. We learned techniques from each other, (thanks Therese) and stole the bits we liked.
Beautiful day in Manly, jaffles and coffee at Belgrave Cartel, sketching people and logos, before heading home.


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