This month our Sketch&Lunch was held in Cabramatta featuring Vietnamese food. It was a rare scorcher of a day, and things certainly heated up in the markets! I took our students to one of the older more authentic cafes for a Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese iced coffee). Here we sketched Vietnamese herbs. We tasted , touched and smelt them first, then leant what the Vietnamese names were for them. Next we headed to Eastland Supermarket where my friend Thai (the owner) talked openly about meeting Luke Nguyen for dinner in Saigon this December and do I want to come?! Why don’t you come to Hoi An and meet the Erin Hill Sketching holiday group I insist?! We will sketch you both! Oh how jealous he made me. We talked about rice noodles, and I helped students buy some key ingredients for a delicious Vietnamese Roast Chicken recipe I have given them. After a quick walk through the busy fruit, vegetable and seafood markets we headed to a relaxing spacious air-conditioned restaurant. Over a crispy Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake), some Vietnamese rice paper rolls and some prawns on sugarcane we sketched away, learning about how to capture the essence of the place, the food and how to roll rice papers! Take a look at our fun filled day. Happy Sketching and tasting in new Places, Anna (your Blue Mountains and Western Sydney Erin Hill tutor).

Take a look at past Sketch&lunch days here


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