Term 4. Week 4. Travel Sketching is Fun.

We hold classes at Erin Hill Sketching that always involve happiness and fun. We learn new skills, we concentrate and try hard, but we always enjoy each others company, as well as exploring our local areas. Take a look at what we did this week.

Tuesday Manly General

Birds-eye view today or perhaps we should say Water Dragon view?
The sun was shining and the aquamarine ocean provided a stunning backdrop.
We started by discussing perspective looking down, how things like stairs and railings become more narrow as they go away from us, how strong colours call us in and help create depth and grounding. Including people and objects like benches and bikes help create a sense of scale. There were some great challenges to see the true angles and shapes. You did really well.


Tuesday Blue Mountains All Levels

Perspective. Flat, one point, birds eye, worms eye. What fun we have in our Katoomba setting when its The Gingerbread House day! You will also see a little snippet of our general students in a makeup class at the wonderful Wayzgoose in Leura.


Wednesday The Rocks General

The thing with travel sketching is students travel! So class was small this week. We had a lovely time sketching over coffee at The Opera House, then headed into
The Botanical Gardens to sketch sculpture and find some mauve madness. Blessed by a glorious Sydney spring day.


Thursday Manly General

Well done, I’m so impressed with the way you tackled our birds-eye view today. You all found the key lines going down, wide in the foreground, narrow in the middle ground. Selecting people, bikes and benches to add scale. Your bold use of colour helps draw us in.
Then you threw in a vista sketch, cafe sketch and some portraits as well. Fantastic work.


Thursday Evening General

We used mauve, blue and pink aquarelles to capture the misty purple blossom in our warm up tonight, before tackling the same daunting view the day sketchers have been sketching with much success. Such steep angles to judge, such a high eye level, but once we’ve found it, easier to work out the ups and downs!
Back to sunflowers for the last quick continuous line sketch, interesting how much we loved the way the rapid sketching turned out!


Friday Manly General

We had perfect sketching weather today, warm with a good sea breeze to dry our pages fast! It was impossible to ignore the water dragons who posed in groups of three and seemed to enjoy our company as we sketched them. The ‘birds eye view’ down the steps were in full sun, so we sketched quickly and moved into the shade to capture our impressions of the glistening Bay through the paperbarks. We ended up at Manly Wine doing quick gestural portraits of the odd quirky lady in the hat (!)


Friday The Rocks New Sketchers

Today we learnt how to mix  watercolour paints and drop colour in layers.
It was exciting to spend time working with the watercolour paints.
Once we all felt confident mixing colour, and energised with Coffee, Lattes and scones from the “Tea Cosy”, we walked down to the Quay.
We were welcomed by the most beautiful display of colour. The Jacaranda trees are stunning.
The trees were all sketched with a good energy.
Looking forward to seeing you all next week.


Friday Manly New Sketchers

Wonderful watercolour, lots of pigment, water and colour dropping on the page. Crazy rocks and palmy trees to practise and then off to Manly for a cool drink and more greenery. It’s so great to see your travel sketching confidence growing!


Saturday Manly General

This week I have included 4 of my favourite sketches from the pages of our returned travellers, Rob and Anne. This is what we do, and why we do it. Such wonderful memories trapped in those sketch books for ever. Thank you for sharing your journeys.
Our plein air sketching was totally washed out and the rain never let up for a minute, nevertheless, as you can see from the photos, we were cosy, warm and well fed, swopping travel stories and sketching the Magnolias and Sunflowers  I’d brought in as a ‘Plan B.’
Thank you for an excellent sketch morning!


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