Term 4. Week 5. Mauve Madness

Welcome to week 5 of the Erin Hill Travel Sketchers. The gorgeous Sydney jacarandas are out and Spring is well and truly here for our sketching enjoyment. New Sketchers learnt all about flat perspective this week. Bravo everybody.

Tuesday Manly General

Mauve madness this week, a great opportunity to play with cerulean blue, permanent rose and a touch of purple lake. Wet the page, layer some pigment and watch the magic happen on the page. Loose and lively.

Ivanhoe Park offered a great opportunity to explore the wide range of greens we can create with our EHS palette. You did a great job in varying your line, shape and colour.


Tuesday Blue Mountains All Levels

We sketched a horse in honour of the horses on Melbourne cup day. Then moved onto eye level perspective. Grids sketched, shapes and lines comprehended we headed outside to sketch the corner of The Blue Mountains Cultural Center. What a lovely spring day. We had only one general student this week and she worked on clouds, big views and atmosphere. Her wonderful unique style is getting stronger all the time. Bravo Laura.


Wednesday The Rocks General

We met at base camp this week after having a few weeks out and about. Down to business after coffees and breakfast at the fabulous Pier 8. Erin joined us this week, back from her Sketching Holidays in Europe and America. We looked at capturing cafe culture. What are people doing in cafes? Do they stand or sit differently? How is the aesthetic different from say a seafood restaurant? This cafe has dark wood floors, lots of old solid machinery and coffee paraphernalia around. Take a look at how we captured it in our sketches this week. A little touch of mauve madness was on our minds too. Thanks for the demo Erin!


Thursday Manly General

A sunny, warm, Jacaranda day today. Splashes of loose colour a gorgeous cottage and a sweet picket fence. Sunshine and great company. It doesn’t get much better than this, except maybe a sketching picnic afternoon tea in the park. Fabulous sketching everyone.


Thursday Evening Manly General

Finally! a beautiful spring Thursday evening to sketch our Jacaranda. The blossom looked more dark purple than usual at dusk. Lots of blue and purple colour dropping, then back to the studio to sketch pale blue hydrangeas just coming into flower. Well done to all!


Friday Manly General

We began our day with an impulsive decision to sketch the quirky collection of bits and bobs on someone’s verandah, then moved on to our Jacaranda. Such a good day’s sketching, lots of experimentation and being ‘in the flow’. Good fun.


Friday The Rocks New Sketchers

After a relaxing guided meditation we prepared our paints and sketched our flowers. The energy from the flowers was transformed
with brightly coloured watercolour paints. “Beautiful”.

We welcomed a long awaited Coffee/Chai Latte as well as scones and jam from the “Tea Cosy”.
Next onto discussing “Flat Perspective”.  We started with thumbnail sketches of the Terraces, which are a “the Essence” of the Rocks.
We crossed the road and started our final sketch of the terraces, drawing loose lines, not worrying about it.
Once completed after measuring “how tall, how wide”. Looking at the roof line as well as the slant of the street, we returned to the “Tea Cosy” to drop paint onto the sketches. They were instantly brought to life and became inviting in their own way. Each sketch showing its own personality.
Thank you ladies for such a lovely morning. Looking forward to seeing you next week.


Friday Manly New Sketchers

Such concentration for our week 5 New Sketchers as we start ‘Flat Perspective’ with a large thumbnail sketch of the house we will do on location.
Several were quite interested to discover how different plein air sketching is, juggling all your kit and getting the work done before your arm drops off. One gets good at this and quicker.
As relaxation we did the famous 30sec hot coffee sketch. Very happy people.


Saturday Manly General

Thank you to the occupants of number 48 for their laughing acceptance at having a posse of sketchers camped on their footpath all week. And thanks to all the Saturday Sketchers for yet another productive morning, although this time we got to enjoy it in glorious sunshine!

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