Term 4. Week 6. Perspective, People and Statues

Welcome to week 6 of our last term of the year. Amazing statues, and fabulous perspective sketching await your eyes. Take a look…

Tuesday Manly General

Wow, what a day. Thanks so much to Clive & Johannes at Australian Bronze (The Artist Precinct, North Head, Manly) for a talk on sculptor Anton Smit, a tour of the gallery, coffee and a wonderful location to sketch.

Your sketches reflect the scale and drama of Smit’s incredible sculptures. Lots colour, texture and emotion. Your own interpretation. Great work.


Tuesday Blue Mountains All Levels

Gorgeous sunny spot and a top spot at The Lookout, EchoPoint. We had a lovely day sketching people for the first time. Just the shapes. Sausage shapes, oval head, keep it simple. No need to over complicate it. Manne and Quin joined us too, so we sketched their glorious “woodeness” whilst enjoying our coffee.


Wednesday The Rocks General

Tiny class this week with students calling in sick and away last minute. Oh well we were happy to drink coffee at The Mint Cafe on Macquarie St despite missing our comrades. What better place for a theme of Nostalgia and vintage. A place decorated with antiques.  We practiced our sepia and vintage colours via swatches. Takingcare to  colour  drop and not over mix on the page. No mud allowed! Lets see the ochres and roses dance on the page. Then we headed to the mitchell library. Old books, wood, card catalogues. This was nostalgia in the city. We were the only people with paper and pen though, the young students were all on laptops!


Thursday Manly General

Quick impressions, bold colour, experimenting with techniques. We were all inspired by the beauty of the sculptures and the peaceful surroundings of The Artist Precinct. Thank you Australian Bronze for a wonderfully creative afternoon.


Thursday Evening Manly General

Our sketch trip to Australian Bronze this evening had to be cancelled due welcome but untimely rain. So we spent a creative couple of hours in the studio sketching smaller statues and bugs instead, with really interesting and lovely results.


Friday Manly General

We started off at Manly Art Gallery’s exhibition “Land” and then moved up to The Australian Bronze Foundry for some inspired sketching. Lovely to have Donna and Julie back in the fold.
No predicted storm arrived, and we had a delicious lunch at Bella Vista looking out at that stunning view.


Friday The Rocks New Sketchers

We spent a very productive morning, discussing perspective.
It is challenging to try and take a 3dimensional subject and sketch it.
We studied photos and drew thumbnails. By this time the Coffee/lattes and scones arrived, which we all enjoyed as usual.
When sketching the corner building on location, it became clearer and was much easier.
Once the eye level and angles were established, the lines became transformed into the building.
We returned to the “Tea Cosy” to complete painting our sketches.
Each one of you produced a beautifully sketched building in the Rocks.
Thank you, I am looking forward to spending another inviting morning filled with colourful sketches next Friday.


Friday Manly New Sketchers

A smaller class today but everyone keen to get started. Somehow the ‘perspective’ word does bring expressions of horror – but not for long.
Our graph for simplifying the concept does bring relief.
Only a few meltdowns but once we’d done a studio thumbnail of our fire station, we all felt a little bolder.
We decided to do just the bones of Firestation and complete colour at Sketchbar, our favourite Cafe in Manly which is actually open late afternoons! They love us and we really enjoy the achievements we’ve made with one of our trickiest lessons.
Saturday Manly General
Perhaps it was because our Australian Bronze excursion almost didn’t happen that everyone sketched with such passion and vigour. We ducked under shelter and dropped in colour when it rained and rushed back out to capture another image when it stopped. The photos tell the story, so many fabulous images of a very special morning. Thank you everyone!

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