You Are Invited…

2017 Exhibition Poster

Yes, our 2017 Student Exhibition is on again.
If you are interested in learning to sketch, you’ll be inspired. Most of our students came to us without any previous art ability – or so they believed.
Look what they’ve achieved!! Who’d have thought.

Students come to classes not only for the joy of creating a quick impression, but for the group they bond with every week, and for the fun we have together discovering the world around us.

Hope to see you there. Do enjoy a great coffee while you wander. Bella Vista Cafe has one of the most stunning views of Sydney Harbour. Come, bring friends and visitors and watch their response!!


One comment

  1. Bev

    Will certainly come for a peak at the beautiful artwork.imlooking forward to it ver much. I’ve been watching the classes with great interest, there are a lot of talented people there.


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