Week7 Term4. Cafes & Sausage People

What a great week this one was. Both New and General were sketching people doing whatever they do in Cafes. Sausage people are how we get started when it’s our first try with this subject. Makes it so much more manageable to see people this way. And talk about laugh! so much fun

Tuesday Manly General 

Exploring gorgeous sidewalk cafes in Manly today although it felt like we could have been in France, Italy or Greece. Coffee at Hakan’s Cafe was a great spot to do some warmup sketches. We talked about perspective and how to create energy in our sketches by using loose lines. Your sketches certainly capture the charm and vibrancy of our locations. Great work everyone.

TuesGen Sketch 1

Tuesday BlueMountains All Levels

Stunning views and a glamorous location for a travel sketch class this week at The Hydro Majestic. This week we looked at every day objects. A bicycle. Then we put it in a scene, using perspective skills we learnt last week. Other students concentrated on clouds, atmosphere and capturing our stunning nature up here.

Wednesday The Rocks General

Final class for the year for The Rocks class.
Next year they become the The Sydney Adventure Class. We have certainly had some adventures this term. This week we had vegetarian yum cha and sketched in the Chinese Gardens.
A review of all our class skills was attempted, and we incorporated cross hatching, birds eye view, capturing the season, people on the move… and on we went. Eventually though we settled in the gardens and enjoyed a much needed coffee and free sketch.
Its been a pleasure and joy teaching this class, our spirits have been nourished and I hope to see you all sketching again next year.

Thursday Manly General

Wow, the sunshine and great company must have helped because your sketches were full of creativity & fun. You’ve managed to capture the essence of this lovely part of Manly. We were spoilt for choice, the cafes & people, the clock tower and the original Manly Fire Brigade building, gosh, not even the teapots were safe. Well done.

Manly Thursday Eve General

I think we had a couple of “people sketching” breakthroughs tonight.
Same same, pen on paper, follow the shapes.
The more people you sketch the bigger your repertoire of noses, knees, hairstyles etc. Thank you for a fun evening, keep sketching people!  Kathy

ThursEvesketches2 (1)

ThursEvesketches 1

Friday Manly General

We began in Morocco, cafe hopped to Cuba and had lunch in Greece. What a fun day! Plenty of good coffee, food and laughter, thank you everyone for such a great term, see you when I get back from Vietnam!

Friday Manly New

‘OOOh not people! they’re hard’  That’s generally the response to sketching figures. Not however when we introduce Mr and Mrs Sausage and the children.
We look at the mannequins on the table and sketch roundy shapes on our page for proportions and parts of the body. Before long everyone’s laughing as their sausage people leap across their sketch books.
On location on Manly Plaza we observe that indeed we can see people as sausages and we know how to sketch them now. Great fun.

Sausage people

Friday manly newSketches

Saturday Manly General

A very busy Saturday morning meant we had to sketch quickly so as not to overstay our welcome! Fabulous sketches today, setting the scene first and then dropping in people as they came and went. It really felt like summer today!
See you in two weeks! Kathy

More great sketches next week. ©ErinHillSketching2017

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