Term4 Week8. Bicycles & Books

New Sketchers started by sketching a bicycle from memory! Something we’ve seen all our lives, but can’t remember how it looks without seeing one. Our observation skills were honed up once we saw the real thing. Lots of laughs over our memory sketches!

General classes were back at harry Hartog Booksellers, one of our favourite locations to sketch. We were looking for vintage or crazy shop displays – and there were plenty. That’s a paper mache reindeer wearing red antlers, flying goggles and a military jacket. But of course!


Tuesday General
One of our favourite places to sketch, Harry Hartog Booksellers. We began with coffee and a warmup sketch of a gorgeous vintage tricycle. Moving inside to our favourite sketch table we each sketched what appealed, antiques, animals, and instore displays. Oh and of course a little bit of shopping. We’ve all decided that we want to come back to Harry Hartog again next term. The inspiration is endless. Well done everyone. Toni.




Thursday General

Thank you Harry Hartog for another inspiring class today. We experimented with negative space, toned paper, we varied the line weight of our pen lines, looked for highlights and added pops of colour to make our sketches sing. I think we will be back again next year. Lovely sketching everyone. Toni.




Thursday Eve General.

Tonight we were fortunate to be sketching while an author presented her newly self published book on life in France. She and her audience became our first sketch. Champagne was offered too!
Once we were free to wander, our sketchers discovered fascinating shop displays which had to be sketched. Always a joy to so welcomed by Mel and her staff. Thank you again. Erin.


Friday New 

Today was all about capturing the character of a place and our subject was bicycles. Being able to drop bicycles into a sketch is so handy if you’re in Manly, Amsterdam or even Vietnam. Ok, and a few other places too. Preparing our colored pages was a great way to add some atmosphere before adding pen and aquarelles. Lovely sketches everyone, loose impressions of a gorgeous Manly day. Toni.




Saturday General

Wow it’s definitely Christmas at the newly smartened up Warringah Mall.
Harry Hartog is based somewhere in this giant shopping centre, and today every person in Sydney must have been there.
We are very lucky that our sketchers are always given a place to sit, drink our excellent coffees and sketch happily for a few hours. We spent some time on colour applications once our fun sketches were ready. Where is the focus? Let’s make the composition about that. More colour there, then less around it. Great results and lots of paint being given a chance to blend one colour over another. Gorgeous. Erin.



The Rocks Friday New (Week 7)

We had to miss a class last week, so here is our extra catchup one for our important ‘Cafe People’ week. Our mannequins are very patient models, and unlike real people, do not move! The great thing was that we were our own cafe people, and now understood that we must sit very quietly till our class mates have done their impression of you! Tammy.

Rocks FriNewSketch1 wk7

The Rocks Friday New

After our relaxing meditation, we focused on everyday shapes and noted our observational skills.
The class had a lot of fun sketching a ball of circles. We focused on negative spaces with continuous line drawing. Sketching miniature bicycles again observing line and space. Everyone enjoyed playing with colour and dropping it as they brought their sketches to life.
We ventured outside and sketched a bicycle. Returned and completed our sketches with colour.
What a fulfilling morning, thank you ladies. I look forward to seeing you next week. Tammy.

TheRocksFriNewwk8 Sketch1

TheRocksFriNewWk8 Sketch2

That’s it for week 8 Term 4. Watch for next week’s sketching fun.



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