A Taste of Sketching. Sunday Dec 10

What a glorious Sydney Sunday we woke to.
Eight enthusiast sketchers arrived at the Studio right on 10am, ready to meet each other and enjoy a tea or coffee.

Most people have had little sketching experience and it’s something about the freedom of it, plus the ‘only pleasing yourself’ approach which appeals.

We started with the lovely pink hibiscus and learning how to plan our page and observe the whole still life as shape and form. What great results from everybody. Very pleasing when you are enjoying the journey to feel that nothing matters. That’s our approach.


The first part of our Workshop is where we learn our sketch technique, with aquarelle pencil applied in layers. This lays the foundation for how we use watercolour.

Off to we trotted to the coolness and calm of Ivanhoe Park. Under dappled sunlight we studied the beautiful form of the Crepe Myrtle tree. A few lines and we had it in adding just a few layers of colour. With minimal sketch kit we can carry in our bags, as we did, then off we wandered for lunch at Girdlers Cafe and our watercolour lesson.


At our lovely big table joined up for us by the very helpful Girdlers cafe staff, we ordered a delicious lunch to help get our energy levels up. Sketching is quite demanding on our brain, so we need regular coffee and food intake. Good excuse!

Now we would re sketch a tree so that we could apply watercolours. Similar layering and similar colours are used and they looked stunning. As a little side sketch, we liked so much the bright coloured smoothies in jars which two of the students had ordered, so that became a quick sketch as well.

Do take a look at the very competent sketches done by our first time students today. Everyone did incredibly well and went home with 4 sketches, all of which they could feel very proud of. Hope to see you all soon the continue the journey.





Next ‘A Taste of Sketching’ Workshop – January 7 ’18.


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