The latest EHS Watercolour Set


I’ve had this in mind for awhile.
When the more experienced sketchers reach a point that maybe, just maybe, there are other paint colours with a variety of pigment strengths out there busting to be tried, we need to have an answer.

I have been trying the St-Petersburg extra fine artists’ watercolours. Known as White Nights.
What! you may say. We only use the very reliable Cotmans watercolour set. And we certainly do, and will continue to, with it’s special EHS pallet of bold clear colours – perfect for colour dropping. They may continue to be your all time favourite. For our students learning to use watercolours, Cotman’s are the best.

However, there comes a time when we want to try other paints. According to Jen at LarryPost, these are the Russian Version of Daniel Smith.
I’ve been using them for a month or so and l love the strength of the paint.
A small dab and lots of water – always in the palette – will give you what you want. Hardly need much at all and it covers a big area.

The pans are much bigger than usual so should last awhile. Then when you need more colour, purchase another one at LarryPOST at a very small cost.

New Sketch kit

You can see I’ve been using them – with our own customised colours.
I’ve kept a similar range of colours that you’ll be familiar with, but you’ll get more power from these.
If you’re itching to try Daniel Smith colours or any brand at all, ask Jen to make you a custom set based on the EHS palette.

The ErinHill Sketchers Set is Available to order online
from LarryPOST or visit Jennifer and the gorgeous staff.

You may notice the TWSBI EcoFountain pen. Ask for one ErinHill uses. You’ll need the black ink too.
And of course the Rosemary & Co dagger brush. I use that if using the White Nights set.
I do of course use the sable brush which comes with Cotmans sets when Im with students. I like to keep my kit extremely minimal.

Happy Sketching



One comment

  1. Sally Gersbach

    Love this Erin! As I was taking watercolour classes for a few years before beginning travel sketching, I am quite used to using artist quality pigments and really do enjoy them. I will buy one of these kits as soon as my budget allows. They are very well-priced, though, I must say! ☺️ Sally


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