Tutors in Training take their First Class

Friday January 19 ’18

At the end of week 1 of our Tutor Training, our trainees get the chance to try out their new skills. Today we would descend on Bella Vista Cafe early enough to beat the lunchtime crowds, which we did, on a most glorious Sydney day.

Each had a table away from the others, and a group of two or three volunteer guests happy to try their hand at Travel Sketching over the next hour and half. Sketch kit was supplied and coffees all round put everyone in the mood.

The wind battered hibiscus did their best to look bright and beautiful, and the sketchers managed to make to blooms look gorgeous. Not a withered petal or escapee ant in sight!

Everyone got to work and clearly things were going well. Lots of smiles to start became big laughs as the hour went on. Before long the last green leaf had it’s colour applied, and the completed sketches were ready to be signed and dated. All within an hour and half.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to Bella Vista and went away triumphant. The tutors were happy to relax and chat about how they thought they’d gone. All reports from the students were that their tutors had been very clear and made it very easy to follow the step by step instructions to getting their first impression on paper.

Check all their work here. Thanks everyone.

TT Sketches




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