ErinHill Sketching. Discovery Day at North Head Manly

NorthHeadSketch2Discovery Day. NorthHead Project. January 21 ’18. Erin Hill Sketchers


Our spot on the map – No 15 –  and the special sign on the dusty pathway said our sketchers would be at Cemetery No 3.
The temperatures were due to reach 30C but luckily did not in fact. So finding shade meant we were comfortable.
While folk were doing tours with the very knowledgeable volunteers, they could ask us about sketching and how we capture a moment quickly.  It’s always interesting to see how many visitors do want to know the history of where they are and enjoy hearing the stories of a place.
The whole of North head has a fascinating history and there were groups everywhere lining up for talks and demos all day. Picnics abounded and the huge Morton Bay figs were perfect to sit beneath in the slight breeze.

Sketching was also done on the lawn opposite the cafe and it was lovely to see an art class there, learning to draw the vista. This view is one of Sydney’s best and on a day like today artists cannot resist.

Thank you to Katherine and Emily and the team who spent months planning this very successful day. Clearly the public loved it and were there in droves.


NorthHead Sketch1



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