Sunday Workshop. Sand Sea & Beach

Sunday January 28 ’18. A Taste of Sketching Workshop

We had another rather hot and muggy Sydney day for our students to try their Travel Sketching wings. But it’s not long before everyone has met each other, had a drink and studied their sketch kit.

We start with a bit of Erin’s philosophy about all this being for you and sketching what you observe in the time you have. We are trying to move away from the self judgement of our own creative abilities and step away. We want to be loose and free with our impressions and let them tell their own story.

We were looking at colours of the seascape starting with one of our two mediums. Aquarelle pencil and the colours we use will give you any colours you want when layered up.

We went on location at the very busy Manly beach and Surf carnival to look beyond the throng and sketch what we saw.

Over linch we tried out the watercolours and chinagraph. Similar colours and layers again. Lovely fish colour and every sketch it’s own personal story.

A quick still life to complete the day, watching those elipses and rounded bases. Quick colour and we’re done.

Fabulous day for myself, Kate our travel director and Tammy our Eastern suburbs Tutor. As always we delight in seeing people take a journey they’re a little fearful of and come away beaming.

Next Taste of Sketching Workshop Sunday February 18 ’18


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