Sunday Workshop. Sketching & Simple Colour

Sunday February 18 ’18

Another glorious Sydney day. How do we cope! coming along to one of very enjoyable ‘Taste of Sketching’ Workshops helps a lot.
Once we get started with observing our subject, we’re quite unaware of what might be happening out there in the world!  We’re very busy observing only what’s in front of us.
Sketching is one of these wonderful moments in time where you are completely immersed in playing with line and colour. Totally in the now.
Our first subject was a spray of frangipane in a purple jar. Having mastered that, we spent some time really looking at some of the trees in Ivanhoe Park. All different and each having it’s own character.

Lunch was calling so off to Girdlers in Manly for a drink and something very tasty to get our energy back. A quick 30sec coffee sketch, into watercolour application on another of our  tree sketches. To complete the day, we sketched a still life of the table setting. We’ll always remember the day because there it is in our sketch books.

Thank you everybody. A lovely group of keen sketchers who are all now able to continue becoming travel sketchers.


Our next Sunday ‘Taste of Sketching’ Workshop is March 18 ’18.

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