Sunday Workshop. Birds of Paradise and Trees

Sunday March 18 ’18

What a wonderful and enthusiastic group we had today, even though it hit 38 degrees in Sydney. Donna was my assistant today and immediately took over the coffee making department, and kept an eye on anyone needing a hand. People come from far and wide so sustenance is vital before starting.

Before long we were seeing the strong clear shapes of the 3 Birds of Paradise in a watering can beginning to take shape. Certainty that becoming was sketcher was no longer a distant dream, here we are doing just that. Sketching something 3D and putting it on a flat page, with dimension.


Out on location in the cool of Ivanhoe Park was the next part of the day. Here we sketched a simple tree form and applied the few colours needed on a quick impression. For that is what travel sketching is about. What you see in the time we have. Fresh and free. Lovely work from everyone.

At lunch we order something from the menu plus a cool drink and plan our next sketch. Here is when we begin to use watercolour. Colours are layered over the tree sketch we now have waiting. Again, everyone did a great job and each in their new found style.

We had time for another sketch, either of our lunch or some of the restaurant decor. We had a great day, despite the heat and each sketch is a credit to it’s owner. Well done everyone and now you can enjoy seeing all your work together.

Our next Taste of Sketching Workshop will be Sunday April 22. ‘Fast and Loose People Sketching’



  1. Tamara

    Thanks for a great day Erin! All the way home I saw lines and shapes and ways I might use the materials I now feel a lot confident in using!


  2. Lisa

    Hi Erin Just read your blog and you do say the loveliest words about a group of sweaty perspiring wannabes sketchers😊 …Enjoyed the relief from the shade and organic cafe! Thank you for your inspiring session! I have brought the exact same pencils, sharpener, ink pen as I wanted to practice travel sketching now! But I will need the watercolour kit…kindest regards, Lisa Carmody


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